Wednesday, May 30, 2012

EP Review: Husker Du – Metal Circus

Husker Du released this somewhat transitional EP in 1983.  It seems them still playing breakneck hardcore to a degree on Bob Mould’s Real World and Deadly Skies, Mould screaming his lungs out.  However it’s Grant Hart’s material that heads in a more conventional, songwriterly direction.  It’s Not Funny Anymore is almost power-pop, with some nice guitar fills, while Diane is another story altogether.  Coming in on a steady, foreboding, insistent beat, before Mould’s guitar shreds like f**k, and Hart bawls “Diane, Diane, Die-Anne”.  It’s four and a half majestic minutes and is Husker Du’s first real classic.
Also should mention the proto-grunge Out On A Limb, which has a malevolent riff that surely influenced Nirvana, before it goes absolutely mental after 40 seconds.