Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Album Review: Aerial M – As performed by…

David Pajo released this short album in 1997 as Aerial M.  It’s brief enough at 32 minutes, opening with the Dazed and Awake, a title which perfectly invokes the gentle guitar and drum piece.  It has a Durutti Column feel to it and is probably the highpoint of the album.   Aass flows in a similar vein, while other tracks such as Wedding Song No. 2 and Skrag Theme have a more ambient theme.  The latter has a doomy feel, not too far removed from Alice In Chains’ moodier moments. 
Skrag Theme is prefaced by Rachmaninoff, a really muted and brief track, while Compassion for M is a backwards version of the opening track Dazed and Awake, which gently messes with your head.
This lovely way to spend half an hour finishes with Always Farewell, which captures the yearning of early Smog, albeit as an instrumental.