Saturday, May 5, 2012

Album Review: Explosions in the Sky - Take Care, Take Care, Take Care

Instrumentalists Explosions in the Sky released their sixth album, Take Care, Take Care, Take Care in 2011. Opening track Last Known Surroundings builds up with crashing drums, but Human Qualities which follows is a much more tranquil beast. It takes 8 minutes to unfurl itself, sounding like a blissed-out version of something off The Cure's Disintegration.

Trembling Hands, on the other hand is a poppy sounding track lasting a mere three and a half minutes. The drawback with an album like this is it's not particularly engaging. It's struggle to remember much about the stately, almost Zen-like melodies of Be Comfortable, Creature and Postcard From 1952.  Let Me Back In, possibly due to being 10 minutes long, feels like an understated epic.

It's all very well-played but the slow build ups demand a lot of patience of the listener. Punk it ain't.