Thursday, November 3, 2016

The Amazing - The Amazing

Swedish band The Amazing released their debut album in 2009. It opens with The Kirwan Song, where the band take the melody of Fleetwood Mac's early 70s guitar instrumental Sunny Side of Heaven and add their own verses.  After this we get the lazy Nick Drake/RHP style strums Dragon and Beach House which is more typical of the album.  Most of the rest of the album consists of these watery strums.  Deportation Day is pacier, rattling along very pleasantly, Is It Likely could be one of the more upbeat tracks from Bryter Layter.  Romanian is a swooning, exquisite, glorious slice of what can only be called sadcore.  Dead livens things up with gauzy, distorted guitars before the long, proggy Had To Keep Walking.  It's a dense, complex album, full of melody, with lots of layers to be revealed on further listening.