Saturday, March 19, 2011

Album Review: The Twilight Sad – Killed My Parents and Hit The Road

This mini-album was initially released on the band’s 2008 tour before gaining a ‘proper’ release, and is what a lot of these things tend to be: a collection of odds and ends. Some live tracks, some new songs, some instrumentals and some cover versions.

Here we get decent, somewhat heavy versions of songs from their debut album Fourteen Autumns & Fifteen Winters, plus a couple of tasters from the (at that time) yet to be released follow-up.
More interesting are the self-indulgent bits. We get a rough as hell version of Joy Division’s 24 Hours, where James Graham’s crude Scottish burr croons the song over HUGE MBV-style guitars. Speaking of MBV (My Bloody Valentine), The Weather Is Bad is an underwater-ish instrumental that is mostly noise and keyboards and is immensely pleasing.

They also manage not to completely murder The Smiths’ Half A Person (rendered here with voice and guitar) before concluding with two rather understated tracks to conclude this curiosity.