Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Concert Review: Stone Temple Pilots – Olympia, Dublin, 14th June 2010

Last night I took my head out of the World Cup to go and see my favourite bunch of meat-heads, the Stone Temple Pilots. The venue was the Olympia in Dublin which, it has to be said, has seen better days. Choice of seats was not ideal either as we ended up (sitting) upstairs.

The band played for an hour and a bit and stuck pretty much to a greatest hits set. They sounded tight, in a kind of old school rock n roll way, and singer Scott Weiland remained lucid and coherent (though his choice of a 3 piece suit to wear on stage was bizarre). All the classics were present and correct (Vasoline, Plush, Interstate Love Song etc). Low points were, as expected, the songs from the new album. Apart from Between the Lines, the other tracks they played compared very poorly with the stronger material from their back catalogue.

Special mention to the first encore, where Weiland climbed up to the balcony and belted out Dead and Bloated, which rocked hard and heavy. They finished with Tripping On A Hole in a Paper Heart, which with it’s chorus of “I’m not dead and I’m not for sale” felt like a triumph. They worked the crowd well, and Weiland is a kind of old-fashioned frontman who entertains as well as just playing the music.