Saturday, June 26, 2010

Album Review: Stone Temple Pilots – Core

The Stone Temple Pilots’ debut album came out in 1992, in the height of early 90s grunge. The band were annihilated by the critics for aping the Seattle grunge bands (they were from San Diego), and this wasn’t helped by singer Scott Weiland’s vocals, which are very reminiscent of Eddie Vedder on this album.

It’s probably their heaviest album. Tracks like Dead and Bloated, Sex Type Thing and Crackerman pack a considerable wallop, driven by the guitar and bass of the DeLeo brothers, fine drumming from Eric Kretz and Weiland’s bellowing vocals. Sex Type Thing in particular barrels along with a sledgehammer riff and great bass work.

They were able to slow things down on this album, with Creep and early anthem Plush, one of their most famous songs. Though the lyrics give little indication as to what the song is about (lots of strange lines like “when the dogs begin to smell her”) but the whole song is built on an immense guitar riff, as the song manages a clever trick of being heavy and laid-back at the same time.

Although the album is pretty one-dimensional, it rocks like hell on its finer moments.