Saturday, August 12, 2017

The War on Drugs - Future Weather

This EP was the second release from The War on Drugs, and came out in 2010.  The whole EP is a kind of wash of sound, introduced by opening intro Come to the City #14.  The second track, Baby Missiles is kind of polarising, some will find this anthemic but too often it comes off sounding like the cheesier moments of Bruce Springsteen.  Comin' Through is more relaxed, and far more enjoyable, a medium paced strumalong track with guitars you could melt into, and this one could go on forever such is the lazy, amiable groove created.  Later, Brothers emulates this kind of feeling, you can almost hear Adam Granduciel and co drawing up their template for later work.  The band sound so... optimistic and wide-eyed on tracks like this, like the sondtrack to endless possibilities.

A change of tack arrives with the folky, Dylanesque A Pile of Tires, but mostly here it's gorgeous, echoey stuff like Comin' Around, Missiles Reprise and the glacial final track The History of Plastic.  Definitely one worth picking up if you like the band, for everyone else proceed directly to 2014's Lost In The Dream.

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