Thursday, June 1, 2017

Clearance - Rapid Rewards

The first album proper from Chicago band Clearance is full of indie guitar thrills.  It opens with the short and spiky double whammy of Delays Expected and You've Been Pre-Approved.  When they slow it down they reap the, er, rewards.  Flowers Epoxy and especially No Glance You Took are classic mid-paced Malkmus grooves, with Mike Bellis' perfectly drawled vocals, and a fine guitar solo in their respective outtros.  The slow, grinding guitars of Rather Not Bother show how this band can transcend their influences.

Songs like Nonplussed and Total Closeout are a little reminiscent of The Strokes (or is it Television?) but don't leave a lasting impression.  Crowded Out/Flimsy Maneuver #2 aims straight for the heart with Velvets style guitars and a cool jam tagged on to the end.

Although there's nothing here that really stands out, it's a good collection of indie guitar tunes.

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