Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Cian Nugent - Night Fiction

Night Fiction is the third album from Cian Nugent.  Released in 2016, it's the first to feature his languid vocals over his... languid guitar playing.  Actually his guitar playing is very accomplished, right from the opener Lost Your Way.  We're very much in Steve Gunn/Ryley Walker territory here.  Lengthy songs like Night Run and Shadows very much act as a relaxed springboard for Nugent to unleash his excellent guitar playing.  Nugent is by no means a great singer, but it's more than compensated by his seemingly effortless sounding but actually complex guitar playing.

A short, pastoral, fingerpicking instrumental Lucy divides the album neatly in two, but the lazy, hazy vibe very much remains the same on Things Don't Change That Fast and Nightlife.  It's left to eleven minute closing track Year of the Snake to provide a sense of ebb and flow, the track building from slow beginnings to an almost LA Woman style rave-up.

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