Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Ryley Walker - All Kinds of You

Ryley Walker's debut album came out in 2014.  The opening two tracks The West Wing and Blessings are fairly indebted to Nick Drake, all intricate guitar, piano, viola and mannered vocals.  What marks these songs out though is strong melodies and some seriously talented playing.  The pace picks up with glorious picking on the instrumental Twin Oaks Pt 1, where Walker and co stretch out a little.  Far from being gloomy, at times the album is positively joyous - the jaunty Great River Road being a case in point.

Fonda is a fine two minutes of ornate guitar/piano intermingling, while closer Tanglewood Spaces is also instrumental, meaning four out of nine tracks feature no singing.  Walker captures the essence of his heroes and updates them into something of his own.  He's marking himself out as one to watch.