Saturday, December 19, 2015

Robert Forster - Warm Nights

Robert Forster's fourth solo album was released in 1996.  It's quite the groovy affair kicking off with the slinky pairing of I Can Do and the title track, which feature some great guitar soloing from what could be Edwyn Collins (he's credited on the sleeve).  Cryin' Love is more of a vocal tour de force, a sort of arch, egotistical ballad where Forster sings about how "he cannot be as good looking as me", while Snake Skin Lady is slower, a picked acoustic track harking back to his Danger In The Past material with a hint of Springsteen.

Further into the album it gets more uneven.  Songs like Jug of Wine, Fortress and Rock n Roll Friend are fairly ordinary.  However the album finishes with two decent songs, the sparse, acoustic guitar and cello combination of On A Street Corner, and I'll Jump - a jerky yet relaxed guitar song.  I'd say this one is positioned oddly on the album, it doesn't sound like a closing track on an album, more like track 2 or 3.  Like some of his best material, the album sounds like nothing initially but gradually grows on you...