Friday, January 24, 2014

Album Review: Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds - Nocturama

Nocturama, released in 2003 sees Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds slipping gently into their dotage.  For the most part, it’s a collection of pretty, ballady material.  Which is not to say these songs are bad.  It opens with Wonderful Life where Cave hesitantly broods “it’s a wonderful life... if you can find it”.  Always the caveat.  He Wants You, Right Out Of Your Hand and Still In Love are all very pretty but not hugely... exciting.  Bring It On is kind of a poppy, ‘rock’ song, very straightforward for Cave and co.  The harder, heavier side is restricted to two tracks, Dead Man In My Bed and the endless, almost fifteen minute Babe, I’m On Fire.  Neither is particularly interesting in my opinion.
Later in the album, Still In Love relies heavily on a fine Warren Ellis violin part, while There Is A Town, has a strong melody and a chorus of backing vocals.  It doesn’t sound particularly like a Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds song, more like a ‘dark’ song by anyone from Depeche Mode to the National but it IS rather enjoyable.  But it’s not an album that leaves a lasting impression.