Friday, December 20, 2013

Looking forward to 2014

First out of the blocks will be Mogwai with Rave Tapes, which will be released on Jan 20th.  Based on Remurdered, the track released off it so far it's going to be electronic in feel, in a similar vein to their Les Revenants soundtrack. 
Mark Kozelek is releasing his first album in, oh, at least five months, this time as Sun Kil Moon.  It's entitled Benji and I really hope that's better than it sounds.  Based on the acoustic tracks released to date it's up to scratch but not as strong as his last 2 albums.  It's due out Feb 11th.  In November he is, believe it or not, releasing Mark Kozelek sings Christmas Carols about which I am stunned into silence.
Beck is releasing what for him sounds like a fairly conventional album: Morning Phase on Jan 20th.  Apparently it's a follow up of sorts to his downbeat, song-based Sea Change.  Bill Callahan is releasing a dub version of Dream River on Jan 21st - Have Fun With God, and presumably God knows what THAT will sound like.
Dakota Suite have been recording with Quentin Sirjacq and have an album, There Is Calm To Be Done due for release in June.  Fraser McGowan will most likely release a song-based album as Caught In The Wake Forever some time in 2014.  Willy Vlautin's fourth novel The Free is due out in February and at some point his soundtrack to The Fighting Heart may surface.
I neglected to mention the Mark Lanegan Anthology - Has God Seen My Shadow? which is coming out in early January and will have unreleased material on it.