Thursday, September 12, 2013

Album Review: Dinosaur Jr - Farm

Dinosaur Jr's 2009 album Farm is very much business as usual.  What sets them apart from other bands is J Mascis' guitar.  The rough-hewn riffs hit that bit harder and the solos really take flight.  Opening one-two Pieces and the bouncy I Want You To Know are perfect examples of this.  The man has the ability to make guitars convey real emotions, the guitars on Plans sound almost wistful.
Bassist Lou Barlow pitches in with Your Weather and Imagination Blind, however these and many of the others - Over It, Friends and See You have melodies that aren't really that memorable.  There's No Here is a strong Neil Young & Crazy Horse type thing.  I Don't Wanna Go There is a decent penultimate track, but does it really have to be nearly NINE minutes long?
What they do really isn't complex, just heavy-riffing pop tunes groaned along to by J Mascis.  This album is not a must-own Dinosaur Jr album, it's more of a next tier purchase.