Sunday, August 25, 2013

EP Review: Caught In The Wake Forever - All The Hurt That Hinders Home

Caught In The Wake Forever released this EP in 2011.  It opens with Recorded With You In Mind, a slow, melancholic, sparse tune where different elements are added gradually, creating something of a symphonic effect.  The rest of the EP is mostly in line with this: Fragments Turn To Dust opens with a scratchy guitar, Mount Batten Ferry adds piano to the recorded sounds of a Geiger counter.  I Have Nothing Left To Give You and For Those Left Along The Way use a droning keyboard to frame the deftly plucked guitar and piano.
And when you tire of these, there are remixes of each track, which bring something new to the table in each instance.  The standout of these is the Jonnie Common remix of I Have Nothing Left To Give You Anymore, which adds incongruous electronic effects.  If you like ambient music, Fraser McGowan shows an inventive approach throughout this EP.