Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Album Review: The Lemonheads

After 10 years in which Evan Dando did little else apart from releasing one solo album, the Lemonheads returned in 2006.  Dando was joined by members of the Descendents as his band, as opposed to original Lemonheads. 
The album has a punkier feel than other latter day albums.  Opening track Black Gown barrels out of the blocks with a kind of harder feel, though Dando still turns in a typically goofy lyric “if it ain’t fixed, don’t break it”.  It’s all over in 2 minutes.  Similarly fast, rough ‘n’ ready Pittsburgh and Rule of Three speed along on riffs which sound like they are about come unstuck yet don’t, married to some great melodies.
Let’s Just Laugh shakes off an ominous opening to get into a classic Lemonheads groove with a hint of REM.  The latter half of the album sags a little as Dando and co run out of steam but the opening six tracks are an adrenalized version of classic Lemonheads.