Thursday, July 12, 2012

Album Review: Dinosaur Jr - Bug

Dinosaur Jr’s third album, Bug, was released in 1989.  The album is dominated by so-called slacker anthem Freak Scene, so called because J Mascis really sounds like he doesn’t give a damn as he drawls the lyrics over some choice guitar riffs.
The rest of the album is well worth a listen too.  Most of the songs are relatively uncomplicated, based on simple, distorted riffs which either zip along quickly (They Always Come, Let It Ride) or pound along sluggishly (Yeah We Know, The Post).  Mascis’ ‘singing’ really is laughably out of tune on tracks like No Bones and Let It Ride, but nonetheless it works.  Pond Song jangles along pleasantly while Budge takes a leaf out of Sonic Youth’s Teenage Riot.  Final track, Don’t is pretty awful, consisting of Lou Barlow screaming “why don't you like me” over distorted guitar riffs, and it’s unlistenable.
Although it doesn’t quite hit the heights of You’re Living All Over Me, it’s well worth checking out.