Wednesday, April 11, 2012

EP Review: Low - Murderer

Low put out this EP in 2003 as a limited release.  The title track sounds very basic and simple at first, a three-chord guitar strum with Alan Sparhawk singing about how “you may need a murderer… someone to do your dirty work” as Mimi Parker coos in the background.  The track builds and swells wonderfully as Parker harmonises with Sparhawk as the guitars pick up the pace, rising and falling in intensity as the track progresses.
Silver Rider, on the other hand, sounds unfinished.  A drum pattern and keyboard pick out the backing for this one, framing a ghostly melody.  The short EP finishes with the longest track here, From Your Place On Sunset.  This track is a classic, slow-as-hell, plodding, growling Low track.  Parker and Sparhawk’s vocals on this one really bring it to life and it works really well, with Sparhawk cranking out the guitars towards the end.