Monday, January 23, 2012

EP Review: Mogwai - EP+6

This release compiles 3 Mogwai EPs: 1997's 4 Satin, 1998's No Education = No Future and 1999's EP. Opening track Superheroes of BMX showcases the more ambient side of the band.  It's a drone-based piece with a loping guitar figure.  It's followed by Now You're Taken, featuring mutterings from Aidan Moffat.  Stereodee builds ominously for two and a half minutes or so before exploding with noise for ages.

Xmas Steps is another lengthy track which builds through several movements over 11 minutes.  The guitars gradually get louder before becoming noisy and distorted, eventually giving way to violin.  Rollerball is a keyboard-based piece, while Small Children In The Background which accentuates the ambient noise and downplays the melody before giving way to another heavy blast of noise.

The final four tracks are a lot more tranquil and digestible.  Stanley Kubrick glides along as guitars sigh over a stately melody, while Christmas Song has a genuinely festive sounding keyboard-based melody.  Burn Girl: Prom Queen features the Cowdenbeath Brass Band centre-stage on an almost jazzy funereal piece.  Final track Rage: Man sees the return of some noise.

This is a document of late 90s Mogwai, pushing the boundaries of guitar music.  A must-own for Mogwai fans.