Saturday, April 23, 2011

Album Review: Lloyd Cole – Love Story

After the debacle that was Bad Vibes, 1995’s follow-up was a distinct improvement, a slight return for Lloyd Cole to what he does best. Robert Quine was also back on board for this one, which helps.

The songwriting is a little patchy, even understated in comparison to his previous albums. The likes of jangly Trigger Happy and the deceptively sweet-sounding Love Ruins Everything are fairly muted tracks, while Sentimental Fool employs sweeping strings.

Unhappy Song has the ring of Are You Ready To Be Heartbroken about it, but Like Lovers Do is without doubt the strongest song here. Sounding effortless, Lloyd whips out an instant classic to stand alongside the many gems in his back catalogue. It’s a great song that also sounds commercial. Later on the album Let’s Get Lost is very Bob Dylan circa Subterranean Homesick Blues, before the album finishes with the wide-eyed, shimmery For Crying Out Loud.

Unfotunately many of the other songs are indisinctive, making the album seem watered-down. The “headful of attitude” of his previous solo albums is gone – it seemed like Lloyd needed a break at this point which is what transpired…