Monday, January 19, 2009

Concert Review: Greg Dulli / Mark Lanegan - Dublin Academy Jan 2009

Digressing from the 'cowpat theme', think it's important to review this gig, I've reviewed every other Lanegan gig I've been to (posted on

When we bought tickets for this gig it was a Gutter Twins gig, but subsequently changed to an evening with Greg Dulli & Mark Lanegan. Arrived at the venue to find that it was an all seater gig. And all the seats were taken! Never mind, got a space at the bar. Mark and Greg came on early, just after 8.30. Greg alternated between guitar and keyboard, and they were joined by another guitarist. They began with 3 or 4 Gutter Twins songs, considerably reworked to suit the format of the gig. Greg was the more vocal but Mark did speak on occasion, notably when the somebody in the quite vocal crowd shouted 'give him a kiss', Greg said 'did we kiss?' and Mark replied 'apparently'. Had never seen Mark sit down at a gig before, he didn't really know what to do with his hands without a mike stand to hold!

As the gig progressed they played songs from each others' back catalogues, mainly Twilight Singers and Lanegan solo tracks. Greg was goading Mark to play Screaming Trees songs, but it didn't happen. None the less he covered tracks from Bubblegum, Field Songs, I'll Take Care of you and even as far back as Whiskey for the Holy Ghost. They also played a couple of covers which I didn't recognise, sounded like some old folk songs. Greg looks a little like Elvis in his Vegas period in terms of size.

After a short encore with 2 songs, then a cover of 'All I have to do is dream' they were gone by 9.55. A little short! Lanegan was in fine voice but I think this collaboration has run its course.